Yellow Tungsten Oxide Testing Equipment

X-ray diffractometer image

Yellow tungsten oxide is a compound of tungsten. It can detect tungsten valence by X - ray diffraction to determine the phase composition. Yellow tungsten oxide powder bulk density can be measured by bulk density meter. Particle size is determined by particle size analyzer.

X ray diffraction includes the following main components.
(1) High stability X - ray source. It can provide the X - ray for measurement. Changing the X ray tube anode target material can change the wavelength of the X ray, and adjusting the intensity of the anode voltage to control the X ray source.
(2) Adjusting system of sample and the sample position. Sample must be a single crystal, powder, polycrystalline or microcrystalline solid block.
(3) Ray detector. The multi crystal diffraction patterns can be obtained by measuring the diffraction intensity or the diffraction direction simultaneously.
(4) Analyzing system of diffraction pattern. The modern X - ray diffraction system is equipped with a special computer system for processing and analyzing the analysis software.

The main parameters of laser particle size analyzer are: test range, accuracy, repeatability, laser, dispersion system, optical system and so on.