Yellow Tungsten Oxide Detection Method

particle size analyzer picture

Detection of yellow tungsten oxide is mainly for the impurities detection. Dissolve yellow tungsten oxide in ammonia, and dilute the solution with deionized water. Detect blank solution, yellow tungsten oxide ammonia solution and standard solution of impurities dissolved in hydrochloric acid by inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, and get impurity content.

Inductively coupled plasma spectrometer (ICP-MS) detection principle: when the samples go into the plasma flame, the vast majority of them are immediately decomposed into excited atoms and ions states. When these excited particles back to a stable ground state, they need release some energy (emission spectra for a certain wavelength), determination of spectral line specific to each element and strength, and compared with the standard solution, then we can know the types and contents of elements contained in the sample.

Yellow tungsten oxide powder bulk density can be measured by bulk density meter. Particle size is determined by particle size analyzer.