YTO Producing Tungsten Copper Alloy

yellow tungsten oxide photo

Yellow tungsten oxide producing tungsten copper alloy is using YTO and copper oxide as raw material, by ingredient, sieving, calcinating, reducing, pressing and sintering, tungsten copper alloy can be obtained. Process:

1.Mix YTO and copper oxide under a certain ratio for 60mesh.

2.Calcinating the mixed material for 2 hours under 800℃. Reduce the product to obtain coated powder.

3.Press the coated powder under 180MPa, move to muffle furnace for sintering can obtain tungsten copper alloy.

It is found out that this thermal chemical method producing tungsten and copper compound will have uniform and high density tungsten copper alloy, its conductivity and strength of extension are promoted, as well as extending service life of electrode.

Tungsten copper alloy consists of tungsten and copper, it is metal based composite material, mainly used to produce electric contact material and electrode, such as radiator, sparger and conducting ink in ceramic metallization method. Nowadays most applied tungsten copper composite material uses tungsten as raw material, tungsten content is 50~90%wt. Mixture process and copper infiltration process are widely used.