Microemulsion Method Producing YTO

yellow tungsten oxide photo

Microemulsion method producing yellow tungsten oxide is by using ammonium tungstate solution as raw material, add into emulsion with surfactant, after super-emulsifying processes, add in strong acid such as hydrochloric acid and sulfate to react and precipitate. After centrifugal precipitants, clean the precipitants with solvent, after dry we can get yellow tungsten oxide.

Microemulsion method is the formation of two kinds of immiscible solvent in the role of surfactant emulsion, in the micro-bubble by nucleation, coalescence, agglomeration, heat treatment to obtain nano-particles, which is characterized by the monodisperse particles and the interface So that Ⅱ ~ Ⅵ semiconducting nanoparticles are prepared by this method.

The microemulsion method usually consists of a transparent, homogeneous, thermodynamically stable system of surfactants, co-surfactants, oil and water, and by means of the exchange of microemulsions, may realize the chemical reaction in the tiny "pool". Microemulsion method preparation of yellow tungsten oxide, surfactant and co-surfactant composed of a single molecular layer interface surrounded by the formation of micro-emulsion particles, the size can be controlled in a few to several tens of nanometers.

Surfactant cost of microemulsion method is expensive, reacting process is complicated, so it is widely used in research institute and lab instead of industrial production.