Precipitation Method Producing Yellow Tungsten Oxide

yellow tungsten oxide photo

Precipitation method producing yellow tungsten oxide principle is adding proper precipitator in metal salt solution to get ceramic precursor precipitants, dry and calcinate precursor to get nano ceramic powder. Use sodium tungstate and ammonium paratungstate as raw material, add acid to produce tungstic acid, by calcinating tungstic acid to get yellow tungsten oxide, when acidic agent is hydrochloric acid, the reaction equation is as following:

Sodium tungstate dehydrate is transparent crystalline or white crystalline powder, it will weathering in the dry air, lose crystalline water under 100℃. As raw material of chemical synthesis for tungsten Sodium tungstate is important intermediate material to produce tungsten products, it is mainly used to produce ammonium paratungstate and yellow tungsten oxide, tungsten, tungsten carbide, tungsten wire, tungsten rod, ammonium metatungstate, tungstic acid and other tungsten chemical compounds which are used in petroleum industry, electroplating, textiles, flame retardants, water treatment, dyes, pigments, inks and so on.