Yellow Tungsten Oxide Hazard and Protection

yellow tungsten picture

When people exposed to yellow tungsten oxide or other tungsten compounds, it will cause hazard as following:
1. The upper respiratory tract and the deep respiratory tract are stimulated and affected by dust;
2. It can make functional disturbances of gastrointestinal tract;
3. It has a stimulating effect on the skin to make small nodules and scales on it.

In order to avoid the adverse effects of exposure to yellow tungsten oxide on human health, protection measures suggested are as follows:
1. Persons who work in the tungsten production or processing environment, should go to the hospital regularly through medical monitoring to see if the body is in excess of tungsten content;
2. Staff in the tungsten industry should wear gas masks, gloves, goggles, dust clothes and so on;
3. Enterprises should put safety and health tips, take measures to prevent dust leakage, carry out the work of cleaning and industrial waste disposal to avoid secondary damage;
4. Other people should try to avoid the use of water and food contaminated by tungsten;
5. Residential areas should be far away from the tungsten pollution or processing enterprises.