Yellow Tungsten Oxide Producing Fireproof Fabric

tungsten trioxide photo

Yellow tungsten oxide, tungsten trioxide, is the most stable compound in tungsten oxide, stable in the air, with its melting point as high as 1473°C, and the boiling point higher than 1750°C, the relative density of 7.16, thus yellow tungsten oxide can be used in the production of fireproof fabric.

Studies have found a flame retardant heat nano magnesium oxide doped polyvinyl dc cable materials, through the addition of nano-tungsten trioxide to improve the heat resistance and compactness, and thus improving the composite’s flame retardancy, heat resistance and mechanical properties; another invention through using of corn stalks, and the adding nano-modified tungsten oxide to finally make stain-proof and fireproof plate, which can be used in building materials, the researchers pointed out that the use of tungsten trioxide has greatly improved the anti-fouling fire retardant board capacity, at the same time, due to the wide range and cheap of corn stalks, the economic and practical building materials, and bring huge economic and social benefits.

Fireproof fabric is material is one that is designed to resist burning and withstand heat, the product that can effectively prevent the spread of flame, and can protect the original performance of the fabric products, usually used in special industries for special types of protective fabrics. Fire cloth is commonly referred to as fire-retardant clothes which are designed to burn slowly, while the high grade flame retardant cloth is willing to be called as fireproof cloth.