Yellow Tungsten Oxide Photocatalyst

yellow tungsten oxide photo

Yellow tungsten oxide is also called tungsten trioxide, it is a n type semiconductor oxide material, usually used as photocatalyst. YTO can photocatalytically degrading organic pollutant, catalytic organic and inorganic synthesis, used for photolysis of water hydrogen production and oxygen evolution, metal ion photocatalytic reduction such as chromium, mercury and lead, organic pollutant photocatalytic degradation such as formaldehyde, self-cleaning such as side mirrors, antibacterial and bactericidal.

At present, there are many research achievements of yellow tungsten oxide:
1. WO3/α-Fe2O3,WO3/CeO2,WO3/Y2O3,WO3/TiO2,WO3/CdS/W composite photocatalyst.
2.Rare earth doping WO3 photocatalyst.
3.Yellow tungsten oxide photocatalysis water producing hydrogen.
4.WO3 photocatalysis self cleaning glass. It will make YTO organic material degrade under sunlight and induce its super hydrophilicity which is easily washed away by rain.