Spray Pyrolysis Method Producing Yellow Tungsten Oxide

yellow tungsten oxide photo

Spray pyrolysis method producing yellow tungsten oxide is by dissolving tungstic acid in alkali solution containing ammonia under a certain ratio, by ultrasound spray conversion and vacuum drying can get nano yellow tungsten oxide. Spray pyrolysis method is actually a aerosol process which belong to vapor phase method. However, it uses liquid phase as precursor, so it has advantages of vapor phase method and liquid phase method:

1.Tungstic acid dissolve under liquid phase, the components are spread evenly, processing process is simple with little loss, stoichiometric ratio can be well calculated, it can be used to produce composite powder.

2.Yellow tungsten oxide micro powder is dried from the suspension liquid in the air, the liquid is regular ball shape with few agglomeration, subsequent clean and grinding is unnecessary which can assure purity and activity of product.

3.Reacting process is completed in a few seconds, producing period is short, the component distribution is uniform.

4.Simple process which can realize continuing production, able to be applied in industrial production.

However, spray pyrolysis method has disadvantages of big investment, equipment parameter adjustment control is strict. Gas generated during the reacting process is corrosive and can affect service life of quipment.