Hydrothermal Method Producing Yellow Tungsten Oxide

tungsten trioxide photo

Hydrothermal Method Producing Yellow Tungsten Oxide
1.Weigh a certain amount of sodium tungstate dehydrate and sodium chloride into distilled water, sodium tungstate concentration in distilled water is well controlled in a certain range.
2.Process sodium tungstate solution by ultrasonic treatment, with magnetic stirring, adjust pH value by hydrochloric acid solution, keep stirring and we can get polymeric pecursor solution.
3.Move precursor solution to reactor, hydrothermal reaction for some time, cool it down to room remperature, clean the obtained product with distilled water and absolute ethyl alcohol, after centrifugal drying can get WO3.

Hydrothermal method is processed in hermetic reactor, use aqueous solution as reacting system, by heating and adding pressure, the reacting atmosphere is in high temperature and high pressure. Material which is hard to dissolve can re-crystallization and inorganic synthesis. There are three obvious characteristics of hydrothermal method:
1.Accelerate reaction between complex ions.
2.Accelerate hydrolysis reaction.
3. The oxidation-reduction potential of the reactants changed obviously.