Coprecipitation Method Producing Yellow Tungsten Oxide

yellow tungsten oxide photo

Coprecipitation method producing yellow tungsten oxide is wet chemical method, developed based on chemical precipitation method. It is usually used to prepare composite oxide micro powder which has more than two elements. Steps:
1.Add ammonia solution in WCl4 and TiCl4 and proper surfactant to generate W(OH)6 and Ti(OH)M4.
2.Centrifugal precipitants, calcinating and nano yellow tungsten oxide is obtained.

Coprecipitation method producing yellow tungsten oxide process is easy, it has low cost, the preparing condition is easy to control, synthesis period is short, But it can not have pure yellow tungsten oxide, there is titanium oxide exists which affect its quality.

Precipitation method usually mixes solution with different chemical components. Add proper precipitants in mixing solution to produce precursor precipitant. Then dry and calcinate the precipitants to get powder particles. This method has advantages of mixing raw material evenly, process is simple, low calcinating temperature, shorten operating time and the obtained product has fine property.