Yellow Tungsten Oxide

Yellow Tungsten Oxide, which is short for YTO, is a kind of tungsten oxide. Yellow tungsten oxide is powder shaped and yellow displayed.

Yellow tungsten oxide(WO3 - YELLOW OXIDE) is a finely divided, yellow crystalline powder. It is produced by roasting ammonium paratungstate at closely controlled temperatures to drive off combined water and or water and ammonia. Exact time and temperature control determines, to a large extent, the physical characteristics of the tungsten oxide.

yellow tungsten oxide

Yellow tungsten oxide can show two kinds of colors for the different grain size. When the grain size of yellow tungsten oxide is around 1.5um, it shows the color of yellow, and when the grain size of yellow tungsten oxide is around 15um, it shows green. These are the difference of the look, but the property is similar.

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